We've teamed up with Cora Geroux from Slow Yoga to bring you Slow Movement; a collection of free yoga videos. Slow Yoga is about intentional living. Cora's practice and teachings aspire to raise the level of consciousness within the individual to create positive social and environmental change. We can't wait to share the benefits of taking it slow with you.

It’s about presence not performance.
— Cora Geroux

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? This sequence will help you feel calm,  grounded and peaceful.

Length: 9mins
What you need: Yoga mat and bolster (blanket or pillow)

Tight shoulders? This sequence will help soften your shoulders.

Length: 9mins
What you need: Yoga mat and blanket/block (or something to sit on)

Loosen any tension in your chest and middle back.

Length: 7mins
What you need: Yoga mat and blanket/bolster (or something to sit on)

Undo all the sitting and standing you've done throughout the day.

Length: 6mins
What you need: Yoga mat and block (or book)

Wind down and let go before bed for a restful night sleep.

Length: 7mins
What you need: Yoga mat and bolster (or thick blanket rolled up)

Release wrists, shoulders and neck

Length: 15mins
What you need: Yoga mat

Start your day present and calm ready to take on the day


Length: 20mins
What you need: Yoga mat, block (or book), blanket (to sit on and to keep yourself warm in savasana)