Cork Leaf mats are a great go-to mat to cover all of your natural bases.
— Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food.
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I am absolutely loving my Cork Leaf yoga mat! It is tremendously soft with a good grip, which makes my practice more pleasurable. Knowing how good the cork mat is for our environment is the icing on the cake. I feel more connected to my practice by using a mat made of all natural eco-friendly materials and it makes me happy knowing I’m helping the earth while I practice.
— Rosanna Lauria, Recipe for Health
Blown away by the high quality, beautiful soft texture and firm grip of this mat. Not only are these beautiful mats environmentally friendly but also ergonomic and soft.
— Elissa Chrisson, Yoga Teacher
I get lots of questions in my classes about my cork leaf yoga mat. Almost everyone comes up and wants to have a closer look and touch it 😛 one of the most common questions I get is whether I slip on it? No I don’t, as soon as I have the slightest bit of moisture on my hands I don’t move anywhere, this is hands down the best mat I have ever used and I love that it is all natural. 💚
— @thepritiyogi (via Instagram)

I absolutely love the cork yoga mat. It feels wonderful to practice on with it’s smooth texture and firm grip. I love the natural aesthetic, colour and feel of the mat. It feels wonderful to be living consciously, making ethical choices about where we get our yoga products from and which businesses we support. I admire your partnership with the Carbon Neutral Plant-A-Tree initiative. I am in respect of the sustainable and inventive projects this initiative is undertaking.
— Jordine Cornish, Yoga Teacher
What a beautiful product, wonderful design and with so many benefits when using it! I absolutely love mine. A bonus that it’s also eco-friendly.
— Joanna, Happy Customer
I am so grateful for my cork leaf yoga mat that make my yoga practice even better. Such a joy to feel, natural. And smooth but amazing grip. Fantastic product.
— Sarah, Co-Founder of
My partner purchased me a Cork Leaf yoga mat for Christmas!!! I can honestly say I LOVE it!!! Plus the ordering & shipping process was A+. Thank you - I can’t see myself ever using another brand.🕉
— Kim Herriot (via Facebook)
My new cork leaf yoga mat arrived today. After one class I am so excited to use it again. Strong yet so supportive. For the first time in my practice I didn’t have to use a towel. Such a great non slip surface. Thank you for making such a great mat with the added benefit of being kind to the environment. Much love.
— ‎Hulk Head (via Facebook)
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your beautiful Yoga Mat - its absolutely divine to practice on each morning. I’m finding that it is such a soft but supportive yoga mat and it has good grip too! I just love the feeling I have when I practice on it - mainly because it feels so natural and looks so natural too. I also like the fact that it is so light too - which will be something I will definitely take with me when I go travelling!
— Jo Poon, The Mindful Morning