Our mission is simple. We want to help reduce the ecological impact of yoga in Australia.
— Christina, Founder of CORK LEAF

We believe in making small, meaningful changes everyday to create a positive impact over time for future generations. We use natural, biodegradable and sustainable resources that can be reused, composted or recycled - avoiding contribution to landfill. We are continuously reviewing social, environmental, and ethical indicators.  


The cork we use is from Portugal and consists of natural and recycled cork. Cork is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

The cork is backed onto natural tree rubber. We are currently working with our manufacturer to find out more details about the origin on this natural resource. Thank you for your patience whilst we review this thoroughly. 

We use jute as the material for the complimentary yoga mat strap we provide. The material is sources from an Australia supplier and we make the straps in house.



Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree which is stripped every nine years, always between May and August, when the tree is at its most active phase of growth and it is easier to strip without damaging the trunk. The work is done by specialised professionals, who, with absolute precision, are able to handle the only tool used in this delicate process: an axe. 

No trees are cut down, which makes it a prime example of sustainability and interdependence between the cork industry and preserving the environment. Stripped from the base up to where the branches grow, they are marked with white paint with a number that indicates the year the cork was harvested. Over the following nine years, they shall continue to flourish and regenerate until they are ready to repeat the ritual.

It takes each cork oak 25 years before it can be stripped for the first time and it is only from the third harvest that the cork will have reached the high standard of quality required for producing cork stoppers. The first two harvests yield the raw material for insulation, flooring and other purposes (like our yoga mat). This means that to produce the high quality cork for stoppers, it takes each cork oak over 40 years. It is an unhurried tree, with a lifespan that can reach 200 years. In its lifetime of approx 200 years, a cork oak may be harvested around 17 times, although there are extremely rare cases which have exceeded this target.

Information from http://www.amorimcork.com/. 


We are currently working towards partnering with external ethical initiative companies and auditing bodies to enable us to provide our customers with coherent body of information that clearly outlines the expectations that we have from our factories, including meeting the requirements of a code of conduct, and factory auditing, to name just a few. 

It is important to us that the information we are providing to our customers is transparent, honest, and clear, so we thank you for your patience whilst we roll out this program.


We have partnered with Sendle to deliver our yoga mats directly to our customers Australia-wide. Sendle provides 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery. Read more about Sendle here: https://www.sendle.com/about.


We plant a tree in Australia for every product sold as part of Plant-A-Tree Carbon Neutral initiative. 
The initiative serves to sequester carbon, reduce soil salinity, combat wind and water erosion and restore habitat for native animals through biodiverse conservation plantings using trees and shrubs native to the region.

According to Sustainability Victoria, Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per person in the world. As a result, the waste we’re sending to landfill is increasingly diverse and toxic. By avoiding contributing to landfill we encourage those to reuse their old yoga mats by providing some ideas. We are also currently working on a project thats allows those to 'dispose' of their old yoga mats without sending it to landfill. More information will be provided in the coming months.