Practising self love/ self care/ self nurturing. It's about giving yourself space, permission. It's about showing up for yourself. Showing up for yourself... through practices like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Anything that makes your heart sing


We can all 'move' and 'meditate' but it's allowing ourselves to feel deeply - all emotions. Recognise what's holding you back. To start listening to what your body, instinct, gut feeling is telling you to help guide to a life you've been yearning for. 

Learn the language for your body.

You finally wake up to life. To you. 

The start of finding clarity in your life.


Learning who you are. Being completely honest with your self...

  • What are my values
  • What stories are holding me back
  • What do I really want in life


Once we are authentic, we can start enjoying the new found love of being 'all of you'. You start to be a lot more aware of your surroundings. You start to have more gratitude and love for things you have in your life. You are not livings with 'what ifs' from the past or anxious about the future. You are here now. Simply living. When we live each moment to with our full open hearts.

You can start recognising things you may have not before:

  • What do I really enjoy. What lights me up.
  • What winds me up.

Over time you may discover or get a glimpse of our why and purpose.


Once we are living each moment... it's easy to want to 'fast forward' to our 'ultimate'. But we can't force the timing of nature. Surrendering is about trust. Trust the purpose. When things feel like 'you're stuck'... it's because things are changing. This is exciting. Be patient and be curious about the process - how it will unfold. When the time is right... not what you think it's rights opportunities start present themselves. Opportunities will lead us to closer to where our heart is leading us. Some opportunities may not feel that way - those opportunities are simply helping up get the tool, the lessons for what we need when we 'get there'. 

live LIFE

Shine your light.

Live the life you always wanted. The life that you've always dreamed. A life that is authentic, fulfilling, meaningful.