Frequently Asked Questions


Is the cork yoga mat suitable for all yoga styles?

We recommend our cork yoga mats are best suited to restorative, meditation and yin yoga styles to ensure longevity.  However it can be also used for all styles of yoga including Bikram and Hot Yoga. 

How long does your cork yoga mats last?

Our cork yoga mats are still relatively new and there are so many variables (style you practice, how often you practice, etc) that it is difficult to provide a clean cut answer. However at this stage we can say up to 2 years. We've found the following measures ensure longevity of our cork yoga mats:

  • best suited to restorative, meditation, and yin yoga practice styles
  • used indoors on a flat hard surface
  • no jewellery whilst practicing
  • weekly light wipe up with lemon and water (varies on how often you use it)
  • clean hygiene; no dirty feet (this may stain the cork natural light colour)

What are your products made out of?

Our products are made with natural and recycled cork. Our yoga mats are backed with natural tree rubber and contains no PVC, PER or TPE or adhesives.

Is the cork surface slippery?

Everyone is different however that is what most of customers love about our yoga mats; they don't slip. Cork provides a steady stable surface and grip improves the more you sweat. For extra grip sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice.

How do I care for my mat?

  • Use indoors on a flat hard surface.
  • No jewellery whilst practicing.
  • Exercise clean hygiene - no dirty feet (this may stain the cork natural light colour).
  • No shoes on the mat.
  • Light wipe up with lemon and water after use. Lay it flat to dry naturally.
  • Store away (rolled up or flat) when not in use to avoid it potentially getting dirty;  anyone stepping on it or pets making it their bed. 
  • Do not fold your mat.

Will the cork crack?

The cork is a thin layer which allows maximum flexibility and will not crack. 

My cork yoga mat is shedding. Is this normal?

In short, yes. As cork is a natural product over time it will shed however should not affect the quality of your practice.

I read that one tree is planted with every Cork Leaf product sold. Where are the trees planted?

We support Carbon Neutral plant-a-tree initiative who've planted trees across more than 140 sites in Western Australia and South Australia. However their focus in now on the Mid West of Western Australia Wheatbelt in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, an area where more than 90% of the land has been cleared. Read more about the campaign here.

Where are your products made?

Cork is sourced from Portugal and made in China.

Why aren't your products made in Australia or Portugal?

Whilst we would love to support a company in Australia or in Portugal we were unable to find a supplier to produce our products as per our specifications. Factories we approached did not have the equipment/capability to make our products without PVC, TPE, PER or adhesives, which are found in conventional yoga mats - which we were trying to avoid! If you are from a company or know of a company who could manufacture locally please let us know.