Simplify Your Day For More Things You Love

These days “I’m so busy” is worn as a badge of honour. There seems to be an illusion that if you are busy you are successful, being productive, or making the most of life. However this has nothing to do with being busy. Haven't you ever felt after a long busy day like you have achieved nothing? You can be busy doing a whole lot of nothing that can make you feel not only exhausted but frustrated too.  Start living your days instead of filling your days.

Keep Your Cool with Yoga

It’s been one of the hottest January’s on record with days (and days!) of humidity and
oven­like temps. The worst part about this is the disrupted sleep; we all wake cranky and
unsettled and getting a good start to the day is difficult.

Granted, some people are more effected than others (raises hand!). But regardless of your
heat tolerance, there are a few things you can do to stay cool, calm and collected, even
when you’re in a bit of a fluster. 

Yoga in Bali

Heading to Bali soon? You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to yoga studios and health food cafes!

On any given day, there are literally hundreds of yoga classes on offer in Bali. Most hotels and resorts offers free classes while specialised yoga studios seem to be sprouting up on every street corner. Accompanying these studios are a slew of health food cafes serving the very best turmeric smoothies, green veg dishes and buddha bowls. If a healthy getaway is what you’re after, Bali is the place to go.