Use Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

“All theories are grey, but green and vibrant is the tree of life” ­ Goethe

Essential oils are potent potions that can heal, soothe, calm and revitalise. We chat to Tamara Erbacher from Golden Drop Essentials (@tamaraerbacheressentials) about the best way to use oils in your yoga practice.

Essential oils are defined as: "a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted,”, or quite simply the essence of a particular part of a plant: roots, wood, resin, fruit, seeds, leaves or flowers. 

Photo Credit: Tamara Erbacher

Photo Credit: Tamara Erbacher

Over the past few years an increasing number of us have turned to oils (aromatherapy) for comfort; we’re seeking the purity of nature to assist in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Tamara Erbacher, a yogi, mala maker, and mother of five, believes that essential oils are a powerful remedies, capable of harmonising and healing on all levels. 

“I believe the use of essential oils has increased as more and more people choose to be in control of their own well-being by seeking a ‘healthy lifestyle’ making mindful daily choices to enhance well­being ­ of healing, as opposed to a ‘sickness lifestyle’ - choosing a ‘quick fix’ remedy in times of crisis,” she says. 

Essential oils are commonly used in the home to purify and cleanse. They can be diffused to enhance our vibration, included in skincare regimes and when high quality oils are purchased they can be even be used in cooking. “The list is quite extensive but I can honestly say that often find myself saying: ‘There’s an essential oil for that’,” says Tamara.

On an emotional level, she seeks guidance from Valerie Worwood’s book: “The Fragrant Mind” and as someone who has a close relationship with anxiety, Tamara regularly uses oils to comfort and calm. “In particularly anxious times I will often rub a suggested oil (like Lavender) on my wrists and simply inhale... I will also diffuse a combination of oils throughout the day. I find that the mindfulness associated with just stopping and considering myself is comforting and stabilising. It’s a grounding ritual.”

Before she teaches a class, Tamara will often reach for a Young Living blend called “Sacred Mountain”. She also takes her little calico bag of oils to class; an oracle of sorts. She encourages her students to reach in and choose an oil - whatever they select is what they need most in that moment. “The aroma has a way of settling my students and myself into our space with immediacy - allowing us to move from outside distraction to inside reflection quickly, our energy amplified during this sacred practice time.”

Photo credit: Tamara Erbacher

Photo credit: Tamara Erbacher

To prepare for a home practice, Tamara uses oils to ground and settle herself. Her rhythm looks a little like this: I have a simple ritual of choosing an essential oil blend, a deck of oracle cards, a crystal ­ my Malas are always with me. The oil will be rubbed into my wrists ­ a symbol of arrival; A card is selected - a guide to the intention of my practice; the crystal is placed at the top of my mat as a reminder of the metaphysical energetic connection I have to earth; and my Mala is either used for Japa meditation or simply held in my hands at the end of my practice during my closing meditation. Tamara’s Favourite Oil Blends for Yoga

  • Sandalwood
  • Young Living’s Sacred Mountain Blend
  • Young Living’s Surrender Blend
  • Young Living’s Clarity Blend
  • A blend I created called Svadhyaya which includes: Young Living’s Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lavender & Lemon essential oils to amplify a sense of spirituality and to remain calm and grounded whilst remaining stimulated and focused.

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