A Green Christmas

We’re all for buying with awareness this festive season so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite eco-friendly gifts!

This little collection will enhance your yoga practice, shift your thinking about simple living and encourage you to get in the garden once the festivities are over.

Cork Leaf Green Eco Christmas Gift Guide

1. Handwoven Throw : handmade in Mexico, this throw can be used as a blanket, picnic rug or thrown over your shoulders during nidra or meditation.

2.  Yoga Mat : of course we had to include our beautiful cork yoga mat - the perfect gift for those who want to rekindle their yoga practice in the New Year.

3. Glass Keepcup : takeaway coffee cups are one of the biggest contributors to waste in Australia. Start the year off right with this reusable cup that doesn’t alter the taste of your tea or coffee.

4. Brass Beehive Holder + Beeswax Candles : Beeswax candles purify the air so you can be sure that they’re the safest candles on the market. Made in Australia, they smell divine and create a warm, inviting glow. And the brass beehive candleholder - a heirloom piece that will inspire many romantic meals.

5.  Klean Kanteen Drink Bottle : in the calmest shade of bamboo green, this drink bottle is the perfect companion to your Cork Leaf Yoga Mat.

6.  Inspiring Toothbrushes : who knew there was such a thing? A years supply of toothbrushes made from sustainable bamboo, each with an inspiring message: contemplate, concentrate, meditate, ruminate. The perfect stocking filler!

7.  The Simple Home : this is a lovely guide to simplifying your life. Written in a month-by-month basis in a conversational tone, it’s a lovely addition to your coffee table and will help you embrace a few simple living habits.

8.  Grown & Gathered : if you’re interested in growing your own food, making your own jam and engaging with your local gardening community, this stunning book will hold your hand the entire way.

9.  Flower Press : reminiscent of your childhood, perhaps? This is a beautiful, Australian-made press that will encourage you to keep your blooms long after they have faded.

10.  Peas on Earth : this quirky gift card comes with a packet of sweet pea seeds...a perfect gift that can easily be sent via snail mail.