We believe it's the quality of attention you bring to your yoga practice that matters; 
and that your practice helps you live a fulfilling life.

We're the first Australian owned company that offer eco yoga products made with natural and recycled cork. Our collection aims to enhance and inspire your practice, naturally, giving you space to reconnect and taking it off the mat to live a life filled with love, purpose and meaning. 

 Cork is an amazing sustainable resource and we believe is the perfect yoga companion. It's natural antimicrobial properties resist mould and sweaty smells and is beautifully smooth yet surprisingly grippy, too. Our yoga products are made with natural and recycled materials, unlike many conventional yoga products, which use synthetic materials and are too often packed with harmful plastics including PVC and TPE. 

And because we believe in giving back, we plant a native tree in Australia for every Cork Leaf product you buy.

Cork Leaf Yoga Mat
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Cork Leaf Yoga Block
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Seljak Whipstitch Blanket
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I get lots of questions in my classes about my cork leaf yoga mat. Almost everyone comes up and wants to have a closer look and touch it - one of the most common questions I get is whether I slip on it? No I don’t, as soon as I have the slightest bit of moisture on my hands I don’t move anywhere, this is hands down the best mat I have ever used and I love that it is all natural.
— @thepritiyogi (via Instagram)

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